Mountain Bike Ride – Bourton Downs, North Cotswolds

An off road 5 mile mountain bike ride through rolling Cotswold Hills and natural woodland. The route flows through single track and open fields and is easy to navigate.

single track in Bourton wood

A detailed route description and GPX download can be found by clicking the ViewRanger link on the map below.

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The ride starts down a well signposted bridleway which narrows after 100 Meters once you get passed entrance to the field. There is space for a couple of cars to park on the verge just by the bridleway sign.

route junction

There is superb easy going single track through the woodland bordering the field

mountain biking single track

You soon come to a junction with another bridleway coming down from the left, just keep going straight on following the stone wall.

junction in wood

After about half a mile the track emerges into a field, follow the fence line through gently rolling fields until you reach a metal gate

mountain bike route through fields

After going through the gate cross the next field and head for the farm, turning  left at the junction and head down the hill for a couple of hundred meters

mountain bike route junction

Turn left again to enter the woodland and drop into a low gear for the steep climb through the trees. Turn left at the top of the hill and enjoy the natural woodland.

woodland trail

Go through the small wooden gate and follow the contours around the field, turning right after a few hundred meters to find a metal gate and style.

mountain bike bridleway

Climb the short,steep bank and go through the next gate turning right to join a farm track, follow the track for a couple of hundred meters turning left at a T junction after a line of trees.

mountain bike bridlewaymountain bike track

Follow the track up the hill turning right to join a wide track in the forestry, follow the wide track for just over half a mile

mountain bike track

Eventually you will reach a farm, go through two metal gates and follow the road to a T junction. Turn left down the hill and back to the start of the route.

mountain bike route junction

The routes are available on the Map My ride and ViewRanger sites

Images for all my mountain bike rides can be found on Flickr

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