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    I.ProductClassification :
    This machine is used to produce casting type polyurethane elastomer product of high hardness under vacuum degassing ,such as bowling shell, buttons, crafts and other polyurethane elastomer products of high hardness.
    Ⅱ.Functions and features:
    1. The temperature control system is stable and reliable; the heating uses conduction oil and electricity; the temperature error: ≤±2℃.
    2. High-temperature resistant low-speed high-precision metering pump; accurate matching, flexible adjustment and measurement accuracy error: ≤±0.5%.
    3. Equipped with the control system able to add color paste and the color paste directly goes into the mixing device; the mixing is uniform and the metering is accurate.
    4. The mixing device is reasonably designed: the mixing head is light and durable, which ensures no visible bubbles in products.
    5. Adopt the imported PLC controller to monitor the entire device control system,; it will automatically make judgment of abnormity, diagnosis and alarm, abnormal factors display, PLC module control, casting, automatic cleaning and air impact; stable performance and strong operability.
    Ⅲ. Service conditions:
    ComponentMixing ratioTemperature(°C)Viscosity (CPS)
    A Polyether polyol10020-30°C50-400
    B Isocyanate65-10020-30°C50-300
    C Color paste10-3520-30°C1000-5000
    Ⅳ. Main parameters:
    Total discharge amount(g/min)500-25001500-70003000-10000
    A tank capacity(L)250250250
    B tank capacity(L)120160160
    C tank capacity(L)303030
    Pouring head stirring speed(r/min)3000-50003000-50003000-5000
    Height from ground(mm)120012001200
    Total power(kw)182022
    V.Product display:Hardness Bowling Casting Machine in stock

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