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    MPPT1575-DCLi is a sort of lithium battery solar charge controller.
    It means 12V/24V automatic recognition, 15A maximum charging current and 90/180W maximum load power.

    MPPT-DC Li series lithium battery solar charge controller applies to Lithium rechargeable battery. The charging target and charging recovery voltage can be set according to customer requirements.
    Lithium battery charging target voltage: 11.0~32.0V (Programmable)
    Charging recovery voltage: 9.5~31.8V (Programmable)
    Low voltage disconnects: 9.0 ~ 30.0V (Programmable)
    Low voltage reconnects: 9.6 ~ 31.0V (Programmable)
    The maximum input power of solar panel should be determined by the number of lithium battery string, that is, 50W * string number (3~8).
    Load output power range: 5~ (15W * lithium battery series number (4~8))
    China Solar Led Light Controller

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