• Track-typed paddy harvester
    The track-typed paddy harvester is medium-high-grade, multi-functional longitudinal-axial-flow full-feeding combine developed by Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd. A new generation of track-typed paddy harvester has the characteristics of driving comfort, low noise, high reliability, excellent operation…[Read more]

  • Hole-punch signs are more brighter than normal front lit signs, because the led light is exposed and not effect by other factors. It has the characteristics of low cost, uniform illumination and easy maintenance etc.
    The exposed led light can be divided into single color, colorful, full color luminous.
    Material:Stainless steel: #304(normally used…[Read more]

  • 鈼?Our History
    Xi鈥檃n Sita Industrial Co.,td was founded in 2009锛?the company is engaged in researching and developing producing and selling titanium and titanium alloy material and product.
    Our main Products includes the following:
    Titanium plate/ Titanium sheet/Titanium coil
    1. Gr1,Gr2,Gr3 titanium foil/sheet/plate
    2. Gr5 titanium foil/sh…[Read more]

  • 16T Low Static Electric Hoist is a new type of electric hoist with the added clearance height, suitable for various material transfer places such as machining, assembly and warehouse. It has the characteristics of compact structure, lifting single and double speed, high effective lifting stroke and balanced operation. It has a wide application…[Read more]

  • Our History
    The company was founded in 2009. “Natural Care, Valuable Insistence” is the slogan of the company.
    Our Factory
    NCVI is one of the most professional manufacturers and distributors of mum and baby care products. NCVI is capable of research and development of new products.
    Our Product
    The major products are breast pumps, bottle…[Read more]

  • Our History
    Kunshan Noble Co.,Lte. Is a leading gift manufacture making all kinds of metal badge.Our main products are the series of custom-designed lapel pins,badges,key chains,coins,emblems,cufflinks and other related promotional gifts by different processes from hard enameling,imitation hard enameling,die-struck soft enameling,photo-etching,and…[Read more]

  • 1. Product Introduction
    As a professional Valves Manufacturer, we can supply many kinds of sanitary valves such as threaded butterfly valve, quick-install(clamped)butterfly valve, welded butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, threaded-welded butterfly valve, flange-welded butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve.

    2. Quick Details
    Place…[Read more]

  • Our History
    We located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China
    More than 10 years experience in Memory foam area
    5 Sets Molding machine
    50 Employees
    Products Range:Pillow/Topper/Mattress/Spring Mattress/Pet bed/Cushion
    Provide competitive price with good quality
    Our Factory
    5000 Squard Meter
    Our Product
    Memory foam pillow/Travel pillow /Swivel seat…[Read more]

  • Introduction of Fish Food Machine
    Twin screw fish food machine can put raw materials into the machine directly to produce different shapes of fish feed ,and is suitable for feed production of different animals, such as : dog, fish, shrimp and cats. The extruded feed produced by twin screw extruder is even and smooth with unique taste and rich…[Read more]

  • Our History
    Shandong Cao County Mulinsen Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was registered and established on February 29, 2001. The registration authority Cao County Administration for Industry and Commerce, registration number 371721228000914, the company established initial registered capital of 5.2 million yuan, the company’s main wood products…[Read more]

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