The Tour de France 2014

I had my first experience of the Tour de France last weekend as I watched the peleton cycle through Masham on the first stage. Wow what an event! tour de france masham

I was staying in Harrogate and cycled the route in the reverse direction to Leyburn. The roads were closed to cars and the excitement was building as I cycled northwards. Spectators were claiming their viewpoints, hanging up bunting and chalking Go Cav on the road.

tour de france 2014

Yorkshire had really embraced the tour with countless yellow bikes along the roadside, polka dot sheep and French themed pubs, ohh and cycling canaries…

tour de france yellow bird 2014

The chainsaw sculptor had been out in Harrogate

tour de france harrogate

I met up with an old friend at Leyburn and cycled back towards Harrogate along the route,  the crowds were now four deep and cheered us on as if we were an breakaway from the Tour. The party at Masham was in full swing so I decided to join them locking my bike in view of the Theakstons brewery.

tour de france masham 2014

I found a great vantage point on the road that allowed me to keep one eye on the large screen to follow progress of the race. The atmosphere was continuing to build with police bikes riding passed tooting their horns and high fiving the baying crowd.

tour de france crowd masham

The road was closed and it wasn’t long before the caravan appeared

tour de france carnival masham

European music boomed out from the crazy floats

tour de france carnival

The procession lasted about an hour, it was a zany festival on wheels

tour de france carnival

The crowd loved it !

tour de france carnival

After another hour of Police and Gendarme motorbikes the peleton swept through Masham to the cheering crowd.

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